Here We Are!

Published December 15, 2011 by jessiebincr

I started writing as a child, and never stopped. It evolved from hand-written-and-illustrated pages stapled together into frenzied tapping at the typewriter my mom bought me for my birthday. I have worked in print and online media, as a journalist, as an editor and copywriter, and most recently as a freelance writer and editor. Now, I am trying to make it all coalesce: hence, the birth of Creative Horizons Professional Writing Services!

I am a writer. I am also an editor.

Nothing irritates me more than poorly-written content.

Whether you’re writing a fiction or non-fiction novel and need beta reader or editing, or you want to make your website content more SEO

-friendly, or you need original content, Creative Horizons Professional Writing Services can help you!

  • I can read something, deconstruct it, and put it back together again, making it more cohesive, creative, and engrossing.
  • I can make sales and informative content more emphatic and attention-grabbing.
  • I can catch all the little bugbears: grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, improper word usage.
  • I can analyze your manuscript, website content, whatever it is, and make it better.
  • I can ghost-write your story, articles, or website copy.
  • I can format and typset your work to conform to publishing standards.
  • And much more…

What do you need? Consider me your writing Jill-of-All-Trades.

My prices are reasonable. My work is impeccable.

I’m also a pretty nice person…at least my friends and family say I am. My clients become my friends. I give positive, creative feedback, and support my clients 110%.

What do you say?

Give Creative Horizons are try. Let me help you make your writing everything it should be!

See our Services here.

See our Prices here.



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