Editing Services

Regardless of whether your manuscript is fiction or non-fiction, you can’t edit it all by yourself. As the author, it becomes easy to lose perspective and have any distance from the project. You don’t see errors or problems with the work, because it is like your baby. Check out my post about gaining distance and perspective with your work.

You need an editor.

I offer three levels of editing services:

1. Electronic Manuscript Evaluation

Rates – $5.25 per double spaced page ($75.00 minimum)

We will edit your manuscript, which should be sent via email as an attachment in MS Word format). The editing process will review the work for errors in standard English writing, including:

  • Grammar
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Tone, verb tense, person and number agreement
  • Spelling
  • Modifier placing
  • Mechanics
  • Parallelism
  • And much more!

Estimated time of delivery:

Under 350 pgs: approximately one week

350-700 pages: approximately two weeks

700+ pgs: approximately three weeks


2. Content/Substantive Editing

Rates – $7.00- $9.00/double-spaced pg ($100.00 minimum fee)

Besides proofreading, Creative Horizons will help add descriptive phrases and words and tighten prose by altering small portions of text. We will help keep your own unique tone and stylistic inclinations, but we can help you improve your characters’ dialogue, diction and dialect. This type of editing includes proper formatting as well. If your MS requires substantial and extensive formatting, there may be a small additional fee.

Estimated Time of Delivery:

Up to 350 pgs: approximately two weeks
350-700 pgs: approximately three weeks
700+ pgs: approximately four weeks


Content Editing and Ghostwriting

Rates – $9.50 to $16.00/double-spaced pg ($150.00 minimum)

This is a total-package edit. Your work will be read, evaluated, and polished by multiple editors in order to perfect it. We will discuss every part of it, and then make changes to the content as needed in order to improve it. If you have a non-fiction manuscript, we will help you to improve its layout, documentation, headings, tone, clarity, etc. Once the editing is completed, we will help you to find the most suitable publishers/agents to submit your work.

Estimated time of delivery:

Less than 350 pgs: approximately four weeks

350-700 pgs: approximately six weeks

700+ pgs: approximately eight weeks



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