Manuscript Critique Services

Rates – $1.50/double-spaced page ($50.00 minimum)

Holiday Special Deal!

**Get 10% off the price of our most popular manuscript package!**

Manuscript Edit + Professional Critique: $4.60 per page!

Do not waste your valuable time and hard-earned money by sending off a poorly-written, error-riddled manuscript to literary agents, publishing houses or media producers!

Fact: If the FIRST PAGE of your work doesn’t grab their attention, especially if it has any kind of grammatical, formatting, or syntax errors, they won’t even bother reading the second page!

To ensure that your work stands out from among the hundreds of other works in the submissions editor’s slush pile, have a professional evaluation first!

Our fiction and non-fiction manuscript critique service offers you critical feedback on these important elements:

  • Proper formatting
  • “Mechanics”, such as correct punctuation, sentence flow and syntax, spelling, and grammar
  • Characterization
  • Storyline and plot analysis
  • Setting
  • Imagery
  • Proper usage of foreshadowing
  • Word choices and overall tone
  • Thematic strength
  • Dialect/dialogue analysis
  • Point of view and narrative voice
  • Strengthening weak areas
  • Marketing your manuscript based on current trends in publishing
  • And much more . . .

For more information, see the Creative Horizons manuscript critique procedures and evaluation form.

Estimated time for return of work:

  • Under 350 pages: approximately 5 days
  • 350 to 700 pages: approximately 7 days
  • Over 700 pages: approximately 10 days

To order a critique, please contact us at to tell us a bit more about your work and what you want/need. We’ll give you more and tell us a little about your work. We will provide further instructions and a timeline for completion of your project.


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