Writing Assistance Program

Writing Assistance

The Creative Horizons Writing Assistance services are less expensive than hiring us as a ghostwriting service, but you still have the advantages proffered by assistance from published authors, helping you to create a quality, marketable manuscript.

If you’re a first-time fiction writer, you can benefit from receiving experienced guidance. Writing assistance is popular amongst writers who want to compose autobiographies: only you know the story you want to tell, so that crucial first draft must be written by you alone.

Regardless of what kind of manuscript you want to produce, Creative Horizons can assist you in getting started, and we can (and will) continue to provide the level and intensity of experience throughout the process of finishing up that manuscript!

We’ll start by helping you to compose a synopsis, a plot outline, and vibrant character sketches, all of which will help keep you “on track” throughout the writing process. Next, you will write a first chapter or section, which we will critique, edit, and format. We’ll trade back and forth until the first draft has been completed. At that point, we will read the story again, ensuring that there aren’t any errors, inconsistencies, or changes to make.

Once this has been completed, Creative Horizons will assist you in obtaining your copyright. You will be provided with a well-researched list of publishers for which your work is most suitable.

The Creative Horizons Writing Assistance program includes:

  • Formatting for submission to literary agents and publishing houses
  • Proofreading/Editing to corrects typographical errors, spelling, punctuation, and other errors.
  • Content editing, which strengthens such tenets as suspense, time and place, description, character development and depiction, etc.
  • Critique services, which will offer a fresh point of view on the strengths/weaknesses of your story, as well as specific suggestions about how best to improve those weaknesses.
  • Copyright assistance


For the majority of projects, Creative Horizons charges a flat rate of $3,275 USD. We will make special circumstances for hourly rates, which we charge $37/hour. Advance payment of $500 is necessary to begin work, and monthly payments may be made on the balance afterward.

Estimated Time of Delivery

A book normally takes anywhere from six months to a year to finish, dependent upon how much time and energy YOU have to devote to your project…and how much actual substantive editing your chapters need. Average turnaround is around eight months.


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